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3CIM - The Virtual Tour Provider

3CIM is a web imaging application company and virtual tour service provider offering real estate firms and other businesses with web-based or automated tours of various products or properties.

3CIM offers these capabilities as either a full-service solution in which all production is done by 3CIM and its professional team or as access to proprietary software through which clients may produce their own on-line virtual tours or slideshows.

A truly professional presentation requires sophisticated software, but also requires professionals behind the camera and throughout the production process. 3CIM manages a nationwide team of 200 professional virtual tour providers (photographers) that are specially trained in capturing commercial real estate, residential real estate and model homes. Using 3CIM's end-to-end image production capabilities and service, a full service virtual tour is deliverable through CD-ROMs and/or Web pages and can be further customized with a client-branded interface. While the majority of 3CIM's full-service customers are real estate agents and brokers, other implementations include luxury transportation and holiday accommodations.

For professionals who are willing to spend their own time building virtual tours, 3CIM offers Panorama Builder 7.0 software - sophisticated enough to not require tripod-based camera work, and which will allow all types of business to provide automated dynamic product presentations on the web or in other sales environments

As yet another part of its self service offering, 3CIM offers SlideTour, eBay imaging solution for self starter. This service lets you publish multiple images sharing a single window display together with descriptions of each image in text and/or voice - and even include background music. With this service, any business owner wanting to grow sales with virtual tours has a potent tool that they can use right now. As evidence for the appeal of this service, among the most avid users of slide show software are eBay online business owners.

Now, whether you are offering commercial real estate, residential real estate or model homes, you can rely on 3CIM as your virtual tour provider or slide show software.